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Meet The Team – Imogen Fox

This week we wanted to introduce another member of our team to you all. Meet Imi Fox! Imi joined Premium
June 22, 2021

Getting past the gatekeeper!

Gatekeepers – love them or hate them, they are simply doing their job!  A gatekeeper ultimately decides
June 2, 2021

Different Kinds Of Salespeople?

Over the years, I am sure you will have met many salespeople, some good, some bad and some you probably
May 11, 2021

Meet The Team – Kelly Bakewell

This week, we wanted to introduce you all to Kelly B! Kelly has been with us for over 3 years now and is
April 29, 2021

Customer Retention

If a prospect doesn’t say yes right away, what do you do with them?   If you don’t keep in touch
April 28, 2021

Telemarketing Myths & Misconceptions

Over the years, Telemarketing hasn’t always had the best reputation.   I have heard many horror
April 20, 2021
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